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Lesson plan on teaching Chemistry implementing Metaphorical Thinking

*1C. Girija Navaneedhan and 2T.J.Kamalanabhan



Accepted 1st September, 2016


Metaphorical thinking is a soft thinking technique connecting two different universes of meaning. The teachers are instructed to prepare Lesson plan implementing Metaphorical thinking by following the three domains of learning mentioned in the Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning. Lesson plan implementing Metaphorical thinking would enhance the information processing ability among learners as it builds higher order thinking skills. The learners would able to understand, apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate the knowledge presented to them. Metaphorical thinking initiates’ synaptic activity in the axons which in turn enhances coordination between right and left hemispheres of the brain thus it brings activation in the cerebral cortex, enabling quick understanding of the information.


Keywords: Metaphorical thinking, Lesson plan, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Synaptic activity and Cerebral cortex.