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Women And Chieftaincy Titles A Gender Issue And Cacophony: Breaking Boundaries In The Study Of Musicology In Igbo Custom And Tradition

Madukasi, Francis Chuks, PhD.



Accepted 8th April, 2019


In the Nigerian context, and especially in the traditional Igbo setting, women have never featured prominently in the enterprise of politics and power play. Women have but few rights in any circumstances, and are not allowed to take chieftaincy titles because they have their own positions as the tradition permit. In the enclave of women, before taking such a title they are made to pay a fixed amount of money and a number of yams and cook a sumptuous meal for the title holders. This article will explore this sexist attitude and, using some feminist hermeneutic keys, will try to analyse the phenomenon of power politics. This is because recently there is an upsurgence of the chieftaincy titles taken by women which contradicts all depictions of the traditional Igbo reality and where some traditional instruments are.


Keywords: Domination, Female Power, Gender, Politics, Patriarchy, Sexuality.