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‘Ogene Anuka’ The Bell Orchestra That Invokes Spirit Possession Among The Igbo Of South-Eastern Nigeria In Traditional Religion: A Study In Ethnomusicology

*1Madukasi Francis Chuks, PhD and 2Onyekomelu Lucy. K.



Accepted 8th March, 2019


These, are those African Traditional instruments that depends on the vibration of their whole body as source of sound production thereby transmitting certain religious messages which cannot easily be decoded and interpreted. Sound is an essential medium in mediating with God (s), ancestor veneration and worship in traditional religion. Sound has been shown to be intrinsically important in aiding of spirit invocation and possession in religious communication. This paper focuses on creation of spirit possession through the mediating power of sound produced by beating of bell – Ogene. It explores how in dance ritual spirits emerges as a manifestation of the group’s intrinsic power of accomplishment, adaptation, and invention. Moving through ritual spaces and will, these dancers utilize their independent and ritual performative power in order to actively develop their religious practices through the mediation of sound. This type of description has been classified to Ogene Anuka which is our main point of focus in this paper as a musicology study.


Keywords: Bell, Devotees, Ethnomusicology, Power, Ritual and Sound.